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Hitachi in Vietnam

Hitachi offers products and total project solutions to business partners in the areas of power generation and transmission equipment.

Nuclear power that is free of carbon dioxide, is a key feature of Hitachi's environmental initiative to mitigate global warming.
Photovolataic power generation operates under rapidly changing weather and other conditions. Hitachi provides an efficient and reliable system to generate energy under the best environment.

With 100 years of experience in the power business, Hitachi strives to develop systems for electric power and environmentally-conscious recycling efforts, beginning with our power generation systems.

The Power Systems Group offers products and total project solutions for better infrastructure with specialization in Power Plants and Renewable Energy. The Group also provides after-sale maintenance and operation services of its products and systems to its customers.

With energy being essential to people's lives, industry and society, Hitachi aims to contribute to the stable supply of energy and to the realization of a low-carbon society, not just in Japan but also the entire world.

Hitachi began with the production of mining equipment and hydroelectric power generation facilities. It then shifted from hydro to thermal power and subsequently entered the realm of nuclear energy. Over the years, Hitachi has contributed to the development of various power sources to meet the needs of the time. Currently, Hitachi is pursuing development in areas such as pioneering nuclear power generation, high-efficiency coal-fired thermal power and renewable power generation systems, as well as the "smart grid" and large energy storage technology by leveraging information technology aimed at optimizing power supply.


  • Hitachi's first ever product, 5HP electric motor completed at repair shop. With new factory completed in Hitachi Village, Hitachi is founded.
    5HP electric motor
  • Built a 5-kVA transformer with Hitachi Logo engraved.
    5-kVA transformer
  • Completed 2-kVA transformer.
  • Ishioka Daiichi Power Plant in Ibaraki Prefecture is a hydroelectric power station built using reinforced concrete. It is Japan's first power generating facility.
    Ishioka Daiichi Power Plant in Ibaraki Prefectur
  • Hitachi delivered three 10,000HP water turbines to the Iwamuro Power Station of Tone Electric Power (now TEPCO). The Toyo Keizai news magazine sung the praises of Hitachi: "At a time when no Japanese company could even make a 1,000HP class water turbine, it's remarkable that Hitachi was able to complete a 10,000HP version."


  • Technologies for boilers imported from UK-based Yarrow & Company


  • Production of pole-mounted transformer commenced
  • Hydroelectric power generation equipment for Senju Power Station
  • Steam turbine for thermal power stations


  • Hitachi exported Pelton water turbine to Macabu Power Station in Brazil. This is the start of Hitachi's overseas exportations in water turbine.


  • Steam turbine generator for Madura Power Station in India
  • Hitachi delivered water turbine and AC generator to J-POWER's Sakuma Power Station.
  • Power generation facility for Tohoku Electric Power's Sendai Thermal Power Station
  • Transformer for J-POWER's Nishi-Tokyo Substation


  • Hitachi supplied water turbine and generator to Kansai Electric Power's Kurobe No. 4 Power Station.
  • Hitachi Training Reactor completed
  • Natural uranium heavy-water Japan Research Reactor No.3 for the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute
  • Turbine for Tokyo Electric Power's (TEPCO) Goi Thermal Power Station


  • Turbine and generator for TEPCO's Kashima Power Station
  • Power generation facility for Tangshan Power Station in China
  • Chugoku Electric Power's Shimane Nuclear Power Station Unit 1
  • Water turbine and generator completed for Guri No. 2 Power Station in Venezuela.


  • Unit 1 of J-POWER's Matsushima Thermal Power Station
    Matsushima Thermal Power Station
  • DC/AC converter for connecting Hokkaido and Honshu
  • Japan's first combined cycle power station
  • Domestic production of modified standard boiling water reactor. Such as Fukushima Daini Nuclear Power Station Units 2 and 4, Hokuriku Electric Power's Shika Nuclear Power Station, etc
  • JT-60 for Japan Atomic Energy Agency


  • Advanced boiling water reactor such as TEPCO's Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Station Units 6 and 7.
  • Super amorphous transformer produced at the Nakajo Division of Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems to reduce standby electricity


  • Engineering, procurement and construction for supercritical pressure coal-fired power station in the U.S.
  • Coal-fired thermal power generation facility for Jiangxi Province, China